Open Source Libraries

InitPHP is a project that open source develops and publishes various modules/libraries from which you can build large or small structures.

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InitPHP Database

Manage your database with or without abstraction. This library is built on the PHP PDO plugin and is mainly used to build and execute SQL queries.

InitPHP Router

This is an open source library that lets you create and manage advanced routes for HTTP requests.

InitPHP Validation

Simple and fast library for verifying that the data is of the type and structure you want.

InitPHP Mailer

It is a simple easy to use library for sending mail.

InitPHP Curl

Curl library to help you make advanced HTTP requests with PHP.

InitPHP Events

It allows you to run functions from outside in different places within your software.

InitPHP Socket

PHP Socket (TCP, TLS, UDP, SSL) Server/Client Library

InitPHP Cache

PSR-16 is a simple caching library that uses the Simple Cache interface.

InitPHP Encryption

PHP OpenSSL/Sodium Encryption and Decryption

InitPHP Performance Meter

A helpful library that allows you to measure and compare the runtime of the code you write with PHP.

InitPHP Config

Advanced configuration manager library.


Loads environment variables from .env or .env.php file.

InitPHP Logger

Logger class in accordance with PSR-3 standards

InitPHP Translator

This library; It is a micro library that will allow you to add multi-language support to your projects or libraries.

InitPHP Parameter Bag

Single and multi-dimensional parameter bag.